"2S2/0-31-42" Double Wire Lugs (2/0-14 AWG) & FLEX Wire (1/0-14 AWG)

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Double wire lugs, 2/0-14 AWG, and  FLEX wire, 1/0-14 AWG, G-K including mm2 class 5. TURN PREVENT USING TWO 1/4" bolts (hole is .315 +/-.007) mounting holes. UL & CSA Approved for FLEX wire Class G-K sizes #14-#1/0 AWG. 

California Residents WARNING

Wire connectors are intended for use in installations covered by ANSI/NFPA 70, ‘‘National Electrical Code’’ (NEC), and should be installed using the prescribed manufacturer’s installation instructions.
"Stacking of connectors (multiple connectors assembled using a single bolt, nut and washers) may be permitted where mechanical interference is reduced or eliminated with the use of offset tangs, stacking adapters, andthe like. The surface contact area of the mounting tang should make completecontact with the mounting surface or the previously stacked connector tang."
Ref. UL White Book ZMVV section

Lugs sold individually.

 UL & CSA Approved for FLEX wire Class G-K sizes #14-#1/0 AWG  Made in the USA. 
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